To Whom It May Concern

For years now, I have been wanting to say that I am sorry. Not only is this something I wish to tell you it’s something I hope one day you would be able to feel. It pangs me to try and imagine the hurt that I have caused you. Yet still I try and fall miserably. For I will never know what it’s like to for a mother to lose her greatest love to senseless violence.

How could I ever look at another black woman and not be reminded of what I have done and if God ever blesses me with a family of my own, how would I ever not think about the family I have destroyed. In other words, I understand that I will spend my entire life chasing redemption for something so irreparable.

Many people have told me, over the years, that it isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others because sometimes we must learn to forgive ourselves, but I disagree. That would be like trying to wash one hand without the other and it may even be possible to wash one hand without the other, but I just imagine how clean they could be if one used both.

This is exactly how unclean I have been feeling without the opportunity to tell you in person, just how sorry I am. I may never be able to either, so I am writing this letter and sending it out to the universe in hopes that if it doesn’t reach you at least it may find another bereaved mother-for I am truly sorry.

Akeem K

Shine: Akeem King

Imagine a place where life is measured by time.


is measured by Moments 

Moments after Moments

after Moments

after Moments.

Some Big

some small

like a drop of water

a spark of flame

a flash of light

illuminating what is 

as well as what is no longer.


you hold onto

each Moment

Like Life is 

a flash of light

a spark of flame

a drop of water

because without the sustenance of water 


would be impossible to live


as you breathe each breath

you measure life

In comparison to Time

like it's

a drop of water

a flash of light

a spark of flame

because whether you just flicker

or really ignite

even in darkness

you still SHINE