Why I Started Let The Healing Begin

After my 19 year old son was arrested and sentenced, I went into a cycle of depression and despair. I had to make a choice between living and dying. Suicide was a strong thought. It would have been a short simple solution to end my despair. Loving and needing to be in the lives of my other two children prevented me from being weak and choosing the option of suicide. Before I could continue living a productive life, a healing process would be necessary. The concept of Let the Healing Begin was birthed.  

Let the Healing Begin primarily consists of women of all ages who have lost loved ones to violence or incarceration. However, any one affected by the loss of a loved one through violence or incarceration is welcome to meet with us. Our mission is to offer support and encourage healing. The ultimate goal is to initiate and sustain healing. This will be accomplished through meetings, where we’re able to share our ups and downs with each other, as well as supporting each other in courts, hospitals, correctional institutions and where- ever needed. In order for us to help others, we have to heal ourselves.

We will continue to reach out to the young men and women who are in prison. The goal is to also encourage youth and let them know that even though they have made a mistake there are people who care for them and their well being. We also aim to encourage them to accept responsibility and realize that they may be in prison but the prison doesn’t have to be in them.

Let's Heal Together - Denise Whitley