I Remember…

Let The Healing Begin has grown in such a supernatural way. I remember setting up tables and chairs and transforming a church sanctuary in to a banquet space. I remember leading praise and worship with nervous sweaty palms afraid that I had chosen the wrong song for the occasion. I remember pre-planning and prayer meetings at Denise's house.

I remember sitting around the table in her home dining room listening to the stories of the many broken women that came across her path. I remember the hundreds of fully stocked back packs with school supplies, and the many Christmas gifts that LTHB has given to the needy children of incarcerated men and women.

I also remember the many tears that have been shed by the families of the men and women who have been hurt, murdered, broken, or incarcerated. Most importantly, I know and remember the one true living God who gave Denise a  clear vision, strong passion, and a burning desire to ensure that healing would truly take place in the lives of those whose have been connected to Let The Healing Begin.


Written by Shaleah M. Tersilas