A Special Thanks From Our 2017 Pre-Mother's Day Brunch

On behalf of let The Healing Begin, Inc. (LTHB) and the 100 community members that attended our 8th annual Pre Mothers’ Day brunch fundraising event held April 29, 2017 at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA, Thank You tremendously for your donation. Your support contributed towards making a positive difference in lives of families of homicide victims and youthful offenders. Whether it’s the incomparable grief of homicide or the immeasurable anguish inherited from a youthful offender’s actions, distress is not mutually exclusive. Spirits were uplifted as families united to share strength, sorrow and resolve to address a common crisis. Massachusetts state elected official, clergy, and motivational speaker participation along with support from local professional sports teams, corporate and community contributors made this year’s event a very memorable and beneficial experience. Shared personal testimonies from those affected by a cycle of violence and incarceration plaguing Boston communities will not soon be forgotten.  Again, eternal thanks’ for your support and God bless. 


Thank you thunderously and God Bless.


Denise Whitley, LTHB President and Founder