Thank you

You helped to make Let The Healing Begin, Inc.’s (LTHB) May 5, 2018 9th annual Pre-Mothers’ Day brunch a memorable and motivating event for the 135 in attendance and to ignite and inspire ongoing efforts to address the irreplaceable generational loss resulting from gun violence and youth incarceration throughout Boston communities. Boston Suffolk County Sheriff, State Representative and District Attorney candidate participation energized collective resolve to save lives and salvage futures and church leaders fortified faith.  LTHB will be forever grateful to every community member, corporation, church, hospital, public safety official, politician and professional sports team that helped us to unite those impacted by homicide and youth incarceration. However, our greatest gratitude goes to those that have lost loved ones to homicide or youth incarceration and publicly shared their stories, sorrow and strength.

Also, Congratulations to our Southwest Airline tickets winner, Doris Beechman!